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Posted on 2021-04-06 12:04:37

We are happy to announce that AJA has officially partnered with KNIME to offer end to end data science solutions to companies across globe. AJA being one of the very few early adopters of KNIME in India, we have been continuously exploring and experimenting to unravel the full potential of the software.

For automating simple excel work to running advanced neural networks, KNIME, based out of Switzerland has developed an amazing application for Information Mining. Our vision of “No Code/Low Code” Analytics ensures that one does not need to be a coding expert to get into data science. KNIME has democratized data science. Nothing can stop professionals from Finance background, Medical Science, Operations team, or any other non-tech professionals from running advanced ML models provided they understand the underlying statistics.

KNIME has full potential to replace spreadsheets and honestly speaking, we do not remember the time we have opened Excel for any work at our offices. Why write commands and work in boring spreadsheets if the same can be done on interactive GUI where you just need to drag and drop colorful nodes (Nodes are designed to perform specific tasks like join, concatenate, train ML models, test models….). The best part is, these nodes put together to perform analytics that can be saved as a workflow and just by replacing the data source and clicking on execute, same analytics can be performed on any data source. Voilà, you have automated Excel Jobs!!

KNIME can slice through the data as smooth as knife slicing through water, there is NO LIMIT on the amount of data you can process. With the new columnar table backend and improved data caching, the processing that happens within nodes are faster than ever before.

KNMIE has the largest collection of utilities in the form of Extensions, Nodes and Components that can do almost anything you would want with the data. From simple excel functions to Neural Networks, just grab a node. Nodes are arranged in sequence and are connected to each other to form workflows. Each of the KNIME nodes are configurable and offers great flexibility.

What good is the meal without deserts? KNIME does not just stop at powerful analytics. The Java based visualizations are awe-inspiring. Apart from the built-in visualization nodes, there are various extensions to get beautiful interactive charts. As the company claims, KNIME truly offers end to end data science solutions.

KNIME has two variants viz. KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server. KNIME Analytics Platform is open source backed by an active community of KNIMErs contributing in every way possible for the enhancement of the product. KNIME Analytics Platform runs on your local machine whereas, the server edition is generally deployed on AWS or Azure and is highly scalable. Server edition rocks amazing features like remote execution, workflow scheduling, access to big data analytics platforms, multiple logins, collaboration, faster execution, encryption and much more…

Kids use Excel, Adults writes Python codes and Legends use KNIME!!

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